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While all nurses are or should be, thoroughly educated in the clinical aspects of our profession, there is little room in the undergraduate courses to truly socialize nurses to the new roles they find themselves in at various times in their careers. This on-the-job learning underscores the need for a mentoring relationship.


I attribute a great deal of my career success to those who came before me and influenced me, and I would offer a collective thanks to my colleagues in healthcare that I have either met or observed over the past 25+ years.


Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to witness many inspiring role models and have been blessed with several excellent mentors. As new generations of nurses step forward as business leaders, such as Entrepreneurial-LNCs, the need for mentorship may have never been higher.


An advisor can fast-track your path to LNC success and save you thousands of wasted dollars and years of wasted time. From helping you to overcome your fears and develop a proper mindset for entrepreneurship, to developing a prosperous growth strategy and forming critical business relationships, an advisor's assistance and direction are priceless.

I help overwhelmed and undervalued nurses turn education and experience into profitable businesses, so they can work less and play more. I’m like a springboard for Entrepreneurial-LNCs diving into a new career.
I help hardworking Entrepreneurial-LNCs be strategic, and innovative so they can juggle business demands while increasing their reach. I’m like a jet plane for taking your business to the next level.


Times of career transition are often when one is most likely in need of and would benefit most from having the guidance that only a mentor can provide. One reason Entrepreneurial-LNCs struggle is that they don't have an advisor.


The work of mentors has always been important in nursing education. But as nursing has evolved, so too has the formal role of mentor and the need for individuals with lived experiences to guide future leaders of the Entrepreneurial-LNC profession.


Multiply your odds for success with my Entrepreneurial-LNC coaching, planning, and tools.


Learn to avoid the major reasons that businesses fail:

    1. Failure to effectively form a business plan
    2. Failure to practice the correct business model
    3. Failure to establish a niche
    4. Failure to deliver the highest value in your marketplace
    5. Failure to create confidence and credibility with prospects
    6. Failure to apply efficient tools and processes


A word of caution: If you are searching for a “magic bullet”, my Entrepreneurial-LNC Coaching isn’t for you. It is for serious business owners who want to legitimately break through to the next level and build a thriving, independent LNC company. There is a saying: Success is not about the chosen few, but about the few who choose it.


A personal note on mentorship:

I would offer you start your leadership development earlier and make mentoring a personal, professional career expectation. All nurses need to be skilled in leadership.
Additionally, I believe all nurses need to keep in mind they are now the role models for new nurses entering the profession.

We perhaps need to be reminded of how powerful our influence can be. Each of us has the power to literally influence the attitude and entire career plans of others by our actions and advice.

Think back to your first nursing position and how you may have been inspired by some more experienced nurses. I know I was!

Or perhaps your experiences as a new graduate were not all that positive. If that was the case, reflect and learn from that experience on how not to treat our new colleagues in practice or academia.

Breaking the cycle of incivility that sometimes affects our profession can only be achieved one nurse at a time, and I believe it is the individual responsibility of each nursing professional to demonstrate civil behavior to others. In developing our own emotional intelligence and conveying civility among our colleagues, we develop as role models and mentors.


Also note, while the topics on this site center on growing as a Legal Nurse Consultant, the information can be used to help nurses grow any business venture they may pursue.


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You need to be able to accurately define the value of your offered work products or services. Quickly learn simple strategies to attract your ideal clients (avatars) and market your business effectively. Get cases and earn consistent cashflow as an Entrepreneurial-LNC.


With the wealth of knowledge and experience nurses have, they make successful Legal Nurse Consultants. Explore the specialty of being an Entrepreneurial-LNC, including record collection and analysis, and nursing review for complex legal cases. You will enjoy this next chapter in nursing!


If you have been thinking about the next direction in your nursing career, here is your chance to take those first steps. Part of being a successful business owner is making sure that the workflow goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Knowing and understanding the crucial components of your LNC business helps you better manage, grow and develop it.


I have been fortunate to know Sandra for a few years. She has a very successful Legal Nurse Consulting business.  Her wide array of healthcare experience provides a well-rounded knowledge base for her medical case reviews. Sandra has a true sense of professionalism and strives for perfection.  I have a high regard for Sandra as a colleague, mentor, and friend.
Sandra Krug has exceptional multi-facet skills. She's a Registered Nurse, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I've personally worked with Sandra. She's very passionate and dedicated to her business. She's very detail-oriented and will put together an exceptional report. Sandra has the experience and skills that make her a highly qualified Legal Nurse Consultant. With Sandra on your side, she will save you time so you can deal with the legal aspects of the case.
Celia Noehren RN, BSN, CCHP
Noehren Nurse Consulting

If you are just starting an LNC business, or you’ve “been around” awhile and are just trying to improve your marketing and get more clients Sandra Krug is your answer! Sandra is an amazing “go to” source for information in many areas for a business trying to improve their marketing and increase their customer volume.

Her easy to follow guides for creating both a LinkedIn and Facebook Business page, and all of the connected marketing methods that are available for both sites will get you where you want to be in no time.

LinkedIn and Facebook are the two most accessed sites that exist for online marketing, and if you are not utilizing the business marketing opportunities that both have to offer, you will severely limit your business growth.

If you are wanting to easily create, manage, and profit from marketing your business on both LinkedIn and Facebook I strongly recommend Sandra Krug as your “go to gal” to help you succeed.

Dr. Jona Ely, FNP-C, DNP, LNC

Mountain Medical Legal Consultants


Gina Johnson

"Sandra is a "rare jewel" to have on your litigation team as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Sandra is a highly skilled medical professional. She is a true asset to have on your team. She has extensive experience as a registered nurse, Respiratory Therapist, and Nurse Anesthetist. She brings all of her valuable knowledge and experience to your table. She is extremely motivated in her profession, as well as, in helping others achieve their goals. I strongly recommend Sandra to be part of your team!"

- Gina Johnson, RN, CLNC
Johnson Legal Nurse Consulting Services, Pediatric Hem/Onc RN

Alexandra A Bednar


"There are few colleagues I have encountered in my 17 years as a Critical Care Nurse with such diversity and a high level of expertise, Sandra is one of these rare professionals. Her years of practice have sculpted her excellence as both a CRNA and a Legal Nurse Consultant.
Sandra not only reviewed and updated protocols for hospitals, but produced new protocols when necessary. A true understanding of her practice as a professional and a direct reflection of her in-depth grasp on the Standards of Care.
With such strengths as a healthcare professional, Sandra had mirrored her excellence as a Legal Nurse Consultant, paying such close attention to details in a case. Analyzing and summarizing medical records is what she has done for almost 20 years as a healthcare professional. It is only through years of experience that such a detailed eye for medical records can be formed.
Sandra's diverse practice, years of medical record review, and years spent educating patients, their families, and colleagues have prepared Sandra with her unique ability to translate medical record jargon into easy understandable perfect sense. I highly recommend Sandra's LNC services.
Sandra’s LNC practice appears to flow effortlessly with her profound clinical knowledge and experience. Sandra has been one of the most authentic credible people I have come to know. Excellence is the minimum standard for her quality of work as a nurse, Legal Nurse Consultant, mentor. Her ability to share her knowledge is fluent; her willingness is unlimited."

- Alexandra A. Bednar
Legal Nurse Consultant at Your Court Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC