Sandra Krug

Sandra Krug

Legal Nurse Consultant

Sandra Krug, ALNC, EMLS

I have been in the healthcare industry for over 28 years. I have been self-employed for more than 16 years. My company includes Krug Anesthesia Services, Krug Consulting Firm, Lessons for Legal Nurses, Lifecoach for Ladies, and WOW Ministries Online.

Krug Consulting is my legal nurse consulting business. It has been a fun and challenging journey to develop this part of my company. I have been blessed to find other LNCs along the way who have provided much-needed guidance, mentorship, and friendship. I hope to return this favor to nurses who may have similar struggles to those I had or saw others have along the way. I have also seen some of my friends take a course, attempt to start a business, and fail. Through my business, I have met others in that same situation.

If you take a course, it does not mean that attorneys will know that you are there and start to call you for help. Building an LNC business takes preverbal blood, sweat, and tears. But, there are tips and advice that can help and make it a little less daunting, I do not want you to feel that you are out there alone climbing a slippery mountain. I hope to make your mountain a hill and give you non-skid shoes for the climb. But remember that if the mountain was not bumpy, we could not climb it at all! I have seen nurses with successful LNC business all over the country. Being an LNC can give you independence, flexibility, and incredible income. It does work!  But, as I said, I have seen it not work. I have seen nurses who had everything that they needed, but it just did not click, or they gave up on it.

Some nurses have taken loans to pay for very expensive courses and then had to pay it back with interest. They made monthly “donations” to the finance company and eventually paid it off without using the training they gathered from the program. I think somewhere in there is the root of the question: “What do you want to get out of an LNC program?” I think far too many nurses buy a program because they think it is going to be a silver bullet. It is going to be the magic tool that all the “big LNCs” use, or someone that they follow uses. They expect to be buying a solution to the long hours at the hospital, or the lower pay at the hospital. But, these nurses forget that an LNC program is a tool. And I think that that is the biggest key.

Think about any lesson on the LNC business as a tool. It is not something that works on its own. It only complements or supplements what you as nurses already know. So as such, I think that it is important to look at what you want out of your LNC business training. Spend some time drilling down to the granular level, specific tasks in your day to day or week to week processes in which you believe the LNC training could play a role. Whether that is marketing, scheduling appointments, lead generation or nurturing relationship building, or follow up. Maybe it is after they become a customer, the fulfillment process. Or, it is the testimonial gathering process. The onus and the responsibility are on us as nurses to design and articulate that design and a strategy for approaching or how we are going to implement the training into our business.

I just see it get skipped. I see people gloss over that step because rather than thinking about training as a tool, they think about it as a solution. When you buy a solution, you expect your problems to go away. When you buy a tool, you expect your problems to be less of an obstacle and more of something that you can manage. I encourage you to shift your mindset and think about your training as a tool that you now have. Training can make your life easier, but it still requires you to take the time and energy to understand it. (And thanks for being here!) Also, think about where your training fits into the broader scheme of your greater business goals.

I think you need to articulate: these are the problems that I am experiencing, and these are how I think my training will make it easier. If you have a detailed set of objectives or priorities when you get to the training, you will find that you get to that point of ROI a lot faster. Because it was something that you were approaching in a very strategic manner. It is much easier to see the forest for the trees or see through the noise because you have that approach. Finally, and what I will leave you with is that I think that LNC training is robust. All nurses everywhere can do LNC work. While it is robust, I think that it can be overwhelming.

That can kind of work as a deterrent sometimes because we as small business owners get excited about all of the different features, all of the shiny objects, all of the success stories. We get caught up in what LNCs can do so much sometimes that we get distracted from what we set out to do. So, I would encourage you to put on blinders. Whether you are just now taking a course, or you are just taking LNC more seriously, I encourage you to put blinders on and concentrate on three things first. You can do dozens or hundreds of things. But concentrate on the low hanging fruit first.

If you get a few small wins and accomplishments, you start to build momentum. It validates that this can work. Where I think people fail is that they begin with these lofty goals, which is fine, but they get frustrated that it is taking them so much time to reach those goals. So, rather than focusing on the end game, I would encourage you to break that down into more attainable milestones. Focus on the first one, or two, or three. So, you can see, feel and relish the progress that you are making.

I hope that has reset how you might think about training and how it fits into your business. For me, it is really about keeping things in perspective. As small business owners, I think we get too caught up in the long game so much that we forget to celebrate the micro-wins which happen along the journey. Let’s go ahead and focus on the first three that you need to start seeing an ROI on your business. When you start seeing them, it will build momentum and start carrying you closer to beyond bedside nursing to being nurse entrepreneurs.


Thank you. Be blessed.


Humility, Integrity, Spirituality ... I am His!





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"When you order a full medical chart from a hospital, you often are not getting all the records. This group micro specs the records and will contact you if they feel you are missing additional parts of the medical chart information. Krug Consulting will give you the terminology to contact the hospital to obtain the remaining and often critical parts of the hospital chart. Additionally, they provide an outline with insights into important parts of the medical records. Spending evening and weekends trying to outline medical records or having a paralegal do it will never be as comprehensive and understandable as a review by a nurse."

- Bernard F. Walsh, Esq.
Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh



Rebecca Nixon

"I had the privilege of working with Sandra Krug for a legal nurse consulting event hosted by Erica Leach - Baker and will not forget her kindness and compassion. For LNC services, she is a genius whom I recommend with my whole heart. When I learned she also helps the homeless, I was inspired to tell you. Attorneys will not find a more dedicated, talented and intelligent consultant for their medical cases!"

- Rebecca Nixon
Clinical Compliance Healthcare Consulting

Kim Browne

"I am writing to give my full support to Sandra Krug. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Sandra. Sandra is detail-oriented and knowledgeable in many areas of nursing. She is also an excellent Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and Registered Respiratory Therapist. She is a dedicated Legal Nurse Consultant with exceptional skills in medical record reviewing, researching, writing reports, and computer skills, especially with Case Map. I highly recommend Sandra Krug to an attorney who is looking for an intelligent Nurse committed to performing the skills of an LNC."

- Kim Browne, RN, BSN, LNC
President/Legal Nurse Consultant at San Fernando Valley Nurse Consultant Group, LLC


Erica Leach-Baker

"I have been fortunate to work very closely with Sandra Krug over the past several years. Sandra has proven to be a highly experienced CRNA with extensive education. She has an expansive amount of clinical and legal experience that is required for complex medical-related cases. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is a trusted and extraordinary legal nurse consultant. Sandra understands the nuances and complexities of medical records and standards of care. She has the unique ability to pinpoint critical medical issues and translate that to attorneys and the legal industry with clarity while offering workable solutions. Sandra Krug is a highly qualified legal nurse consultant and expert in the medical field. Her tenacity to identify key factors allows her attorney clients to feel confident that all truths of a case will be revealed thus allowing for a positive case outcome."

- Erica Leach-Baker, RN, CLNC
Legal Nurse Consulting Coach & Business Strategist to Nurse Entrepreneurs